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Smadav Antivirus Pro 2021 Crack + Registration Key Free Download

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Smadav Pro Key 2021 Crack is an intelligence that comes with a collection of tools developed for this purpose, for example, a processor supervisor, which allows you to manage functional software. Besides, the procedure will allow users to manually insert offensive documents into the system through various infections which might leave them vacant. And this application collects the viral documents from the completion of this document. Every time you install this app on your PC, you are testing it daily. And informs you of virus files. Other required antivirus programs help with the update. Free download of Smadav Pro using its own method (behavior, heuristics and whitelists) to identify and remove viruses that enhance the protection of your COMPUTER.

Smadav Pro 14.5.0 Crack is a software which deals with all types of viruses and malware. In order to secure our data, we try our best to protect our PC from these viruses and malware because it can harm or destroy our most useful data within seconds. That’s why we use different types of this antivirus software Smadav Antivirus software is one of the best antivirus software. You can download and use it freely from our site

Timely New Versions and Incoming new viruses update

Smadav 2021 Rev. 14.5.0 :

+ Removal of 330 virus databases and replaced with 133 popular virus databases,
+ Improvement of virus detection method for BAT/VBS/Script virus in USB Flash drive,
+ Improved method to restore hidden files in USB FLash drive,
+ Changes to the terms and purchase agreement of Smadav Pro,
+ Fixing false detection.

Smadav 2020 Rev. 14.5.0 :

+ New detection database of 67 new viruses,
+ New detection/restriction method to protect from unknown program,
+ Improvement in protection from ransomware and other malware
+ CPU usage is smaller than previous versions.

Smadav 2019 Rev. 14.5.0:

+ New detection database of 123 new viruses,
+ New detection method to protect from Ransomware: Rumba/STOP/DJVU/TFUDET,
+ Fixing program bugs and false detection.

Smadav 2019 Rev. 12.5 :

+ New detection database of 200 new viruses,
+ Improvement in detection and cleaning of USB virus and adware,
+ New theme for Smadav 2019
+ Fixing bug/error in-app,
+ Enhancement of terms and agreements for purchasing Smadav Pro.

Smadav 2018 Rev. 11.8 – 12.4 :

+ Improvement in whitelisting feature with new 98051 clean apps database,
+ New theme for Smadav 2018,
+ Changes in terms of purchasing new Smadav Pro license from lifetime to 1-year,
+ Improvement in detection and cleaning of the popular virus,
+ New methods for collecting PC program statistics to improve reputation/whitelist features,
+ Automatic virus upload feature and automatic virus cleaning in USB Flashdisk,
+ Bug fix and improvement of auto-update feature,
+ New Feature: Restart PC for better virus cleaning,
+ New interface: Smadav Free will show messages in every startup.

Smadav 2017 Rev. 14.5.0 :

+ Main detection technology now using heuristic & whitelisting (file reputation),
+ Sending usage of statistics to help the improvement of Smadav,
+ Improvement in detection and cleaning virus that spread via USB Flashdisk,
+ Adding new Anti-Ransomware settings to protect PC from Ransomware (malware that holds your PC hostage),
+ Adding new feature (USB Anti-Exe) to block unknown programs in USB Flashdisk,
+ Faster Scanning and Lower CPU resource usage,
+ Fixing program bugs and false detection,
+ Changes in feature differences between Free and Pro version.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 14.5.0 :

+Improvement in protection from Ransomware that encrypts files (Cerber, Locky, Teslacrypt, etc.),
+Adding new Scan feature to clean unknown virus,
+Adding new feature to automatically unhide files in USB Flashdisk,
+Improvement for USB and Web Protection,
+Support for Windows 10 (Smadav can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10),
+and many other enhancements.

4 Main Function of Smadav Antivirus Pro 2021 Crack:

1) Additional Protection for your PC, compatible with other antivirus products!

Almost all other antiviruses cannot be installed with another antivirus, it’s because of the antivirus designed for main protection in your PC. Also, It’s not the case for Smadav, Smadav is an antivirus that is designed as additional (second layer) protection, so it’s compatible and could be installed and run together with another antivirus in your PC. Smadav using their own technique (behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting) to detect and clean virus that improves security in your PC.

2) Protection for USB Flashdisk

USB Flashdisk is one of the most used media for virus spread. Smadav uses its own technology to avoid virus spread and infection from USB Flashdisk. Smadav can detect many new unknown viruses in USB even if the virus is not in the database. So, Not only for protection, but Smadav can also help you to clean USB Flashdisk from viruses and restore hidden/infected files in the USB Flashdisk.

3) Low resource Antivirus

Smadav has an advantage with its very small installer size (under 2 MB) and low usage of the internet while active on your PC. And also smadav only using a small fraction of your PC resources. Smadav most of the time only use small memory and small CPU usage. With this small resource usage, Smadav will not heavily slow your computer. And you can still install another antivirus that will together work with Smadav to protect your PC.

4) Cleaner and tools to clean virus

Smadav can clean some virus that already infected your PC and also fixes the registry change made by the virus. Many tools included in Smadav Pro to fight for virus cleaning. The tools are :

  • One-Virus By-User, to manually add your suspect file for virus cleaning in the PC.
  • Process Manager, to manage processes and programs run on your PC.
  • System editor, to change some system options that usually changed by virus.
  • Win-Force, to force open some system management programs in Windows.
  • Smad-Lock, to immunize your drive from some virus infection.

Why do people use Smadav Crack?

  • The program can be present and works extensively with all other antivirus programs.
  • It also perfectly helps get rid of UN-identified virus attacks.
  • With its use, there is no risk of any kind of infection on flash drives.
  • Also, You can easily check viruses, not in your database.
  • Thus, users can easily solve their registry error problems.

How to Download & Install Smadav Antivirus Pro 2021 Crack?

  1. Download the setup of the Smadav Crack file.
  2. Don’t run the application after installing the setup.
  3. So, Extract all one by one.
  4. Then close this tool and open the Patched file.
  5. Press to generate a special Keys.
  6. Open the Cracked file, copy it, and then paste it into the installation directory and now run it.
  7. Restart this software.
  8. Now enjoy the full version.

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